Record Retrieval

Records Retrieval is critical to determining your case. You rely on our ability to retrieve the records as quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping you updated on progress. That is why Stratos Legal provides online status reports as well as an online repository to store your records.

  • Social Security Records
  • Employment Records
  • Pathology
  • X-Rays
  • Medical Records
  • Scholastic Records
  • Real Estate Records
  • Banking Records
  • Death Certificates
  • Legal Notices
  • Educational Records

Record Retrieval FAQs

Why should I outsource my record retrieval?

You and your staff members are busy preparing for your case, especially if you are going to trial. You may not have the time or ability to access all of the records you need to build a strong case for your client. That is where our company excels. Our staff has the access and knowledge needed to quickly and efficiently retrieve any kind of record your firm may need. Whether it is Social Security records, employment records, medical records, banking records, or other documents, we will focus on getting the information you need while updating you on our progress. We also ensure that all of our records are accurate, secure, and meet all legal requirements. With our record retrieval service, you can focus on your client and your case while we handle the records.

What makes us a quick and efficient record retrieval service?

Legal professionals for legal professionals created our company. We understand the legal process and the important role that records play in creating a case. We have set up our company to enable a quick turnaround time for records. We have access to a widespread database that allows us to request records from medical professionals, universities, banks, and many other institutions. We stay on top of our retrieval progress and provide our clients with an online status report system so that they may track the progress of their records as well. Additionally, we provide an online repository system to store records that you may need to access again. Our staff focuses solely on providing our clients with secure and legally abiding records as quickly as possible.

What are the steps in the record retrieval process?

The steps to getting the records you need are simple. First, you submit a record retrieval request through the secure online form we provide. By filling out this form, you will give us all the information we need to locate and track down the records you need. Next, our team will work tirelessly until we get your records. We will contact the institutions that hold the records, request access, prepare paperwork, and follow up until we have the records. We make sure that any records you need are secure and follow all legal requirements. Finally, we will obtain and upload your requested records to our online repository system, where you can download and access them at any time. If requested, we can also bind and send hard copies of the records that you need.