West University Court Reporters

Court reporting is different today than it once was; today there is an ever higher emphasis on speed, but also on innovative technology and staying current with new trends in reporting. You need to be able to rely on your court reporters for not only accurate information, but also for efficiency and currency in today’s fast-paced legal world. Fortunately, the court reporters of Stratos Legal know how to help West University firms meet all of their reporting needs and can talk with you about our different services.

Services of Our Court Reporters

There are a number of services our court reporters specialize in to help West University firms meet their reporting needs. For instance, we provide the following services:

  • Nationwide Court Reporting
  • Case Management Teams
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Interactive Real-time
  • Rough Drafts
  • Rush and Daily Copy
  • Hyperlinked Exhibits to the Transcript
  • Online Repository
  • Digital Videography
  • High-Definition Videography
  • ELMO

These services can help ensure that you build a stronger case for each of your clients in the West University area. Talk with one of our court reporters today and learn even more about the benefit you might enjoy with our helpful services.

Contact Our Court Reporters in West University

If you and your firm would benefit from the court reporting services of Stratos Legal, then be sure to get in touch with us soon. Contact our offices in West University today and learn more about the many services we can offer you to strengthen each of your client’s cases.